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How Næstved Municipality saves 238 hours each month with Planner

Case story

Who is Næstved Municipality?

Industry: Public organization

Næstved Municipality is a municipality in Denmark with a population of more than 80.000 people.

Employees: 6000+

Næstved Municipality employs around than 6000 people.

Challenge: Scheduling and catering

Manual procedures wasted time, incorrect catering deliveries , and faulty invoicing

Products: Planner

Planner helps Næstved Municipality save up to 60,000 DKK per month.

The challenge

Before Planner, meeting organizers in the municipality had to use several different systems when they were booking meetings and resources.

The kitchen even received orders on paper or via email (yikes). Naturally, this resulted in a lot of administrative work for the kitchen staff.

With many companies increasing their focus on streamlining, employee satisfaction, and minimizing costs and errors, there’s a growing need for optimizing in-house systems and procedures. And that was the case for Næstved Municipality too.

Næstved Municipality needed a system to manage rooms, resources, catering, and meeting activities.

The solution

Planner simplifies the procedures involved in booking meetings and resources for the employees in Næstved Municipality.

They can now schedule meetings, book equipment, order catering, and settle accounts for everything (including AV equipment, and catering) in one solution.

With a simpler procedure for planning meetings and booking resources and catering, the amount of faulty deliveries and mistaken room bookings has been minimized. And Planner helps the employees of Næstved Municipality save a lot of time (and a lot of money).

In fact, Næstved Municipality now saves up to 10 minutes per meeting scheduled.

Collectively, between all the departments that now benefit from Planner, the time saved is equivalent to around 60.000 DKK per month.

Do you face the same challenges as Næstved Municipality?