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Customer Success

We are here to help you

Helping Sign In Workspace customers with technical tasks related to their software solutions in a timely, professional, and pleasant manner is ALL we do.


This includes:


  • 1st level support to selected end-users, typically we train 1-3 superusers per organization
  • Support administrators in questions related to configuration and usage of the solutions
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues relating to the Sign In Workspace product suite
  • Install Sign In Workspace solutions on premise and create new cloud tenants
  • Assist when establishing integration between Sign In Workspace and your Exchange and/or Active Directory
  • Help planning and executing upgrades
  • Provide customer feedback to Sign In Workspace developers in R&D
  • Test and evaluate new technology while documenting procedures


At Sign In Workspace we mainly deal with our own software, but some hardware configuration may be needed from time to time e.g. firmware upgrade or kiosk browser installation.


If we can’t help you with the hardware issue, we will find someone else who can.

What our customers say about us


"They kept working until everything was fixed. Rasmus is a great asset."


"Very quick response and very clear in instructions."


"Fast support as always! Good knowledge as well."


"Great, professional support!"


I am an employee using a Sign In Workspace solution at my workplace, and I have a question to the Planner solution. Who should I contact?

You should contact your Sign In Workspace admin at your workplace. In Planner you have the option to click "Need help" in the upper right corner. Here you'll find the contact details of your workplace's Sign In Workspace admin. 

I am an Sign In Workspace admin at my company, and I have a question to the Sign In Workspace solution. Who should I contact?

You should contact Sign In Workspace help desk. Contact information is mentioned above.

Where do I find Sign In Workspace user and admin guides?

You can find all Sign In Workspace user and admin guides on our Sign In Workspace help desk site

How do I access my data?

Sign In Workspace offers an API solution to export data from the Sign In workspace solutions. You can read more here.