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Our story so far

A journey that started more than 20 years ago in a small kitchen in Copenhagen, has grown to international proportions and today we help companies all over the world manage their facilities, their employees, and their visitors

In October of 2022 we became a part of Sign in Solutions, a global provider of cloud-based visitor management and risk mitigation software. But this doesn’t change our purpose.

Along with the rest of Sign in Solutions we’ll continue to help make workplaces work – all over the world.


The future of work is upon us

Something is happening. Something new. Something exciting. How we work, where we work, and when we work – it’s all changing.

The concept of ‘going to work’ looks very different today than it did a few years ago, and with that change, the concept of the office is changing too.

A new reality of agile work is here. Some companies are going all in on offering a ‘work from anywhere’ culture while others adhere to the classic mantra of ‘everyone in the office’.

But most companies are still stuck somewhere in-between, struggling to figure out what the right mix between in-office and remote work looks like, while trying to appeal to the scarce resource of talented employees.

And that’s where we come in.


Hybrid work isn’t quite there – yet

The office as a physical place enables connection with colleagues and creates a sense of belonging. The physical office is where water coolers are still cool, and culture is built – in-person.

But these days the physical office is only half the workplace. The other half has many names: The home office, off the grid, remote or even ‘working from the beach’.

The hybrid work model is gaining traction.

It has potential, but it also puts organizations in uncharted waters. Which is why many struggle to manage their newly hybrid work force.

How big should the office be when employees are hybrid? How do we collaborate when we aren’t all in the same place? How do we avoid food waste caused by a varying amount of people in the office? How do we even find out where our colleagues are working from?

The hybrid work model presents a logistical task of unmatched complexity. And if not supported in the right way hybrid work can lead to stress, uncertainty and a lower quality and efficiency of work.

At Sign In Workspace we work to support the hybrid work model. We strive to turn the flexibility of hybrid work into an advantage for businesses and employees alike.

Designing the Augmented Workspace

We oppose the idea it should take a lot of work to plan your work. We want to make it easier to plan your work. We aspire to turn any space into a workplace that works for you.

In short, we’re redesigning how work works.

Acknowledging that work is as much a space in your mind as it is a place on a map, we’ll help you combine the physical office with any place employees are working from.

We call this the augmented workspace.


Get ready for a future of outstanding work

If we want to be truly flexible, if we want to focus on activity-based tasks, and … we need to support employees with the tools that provide flexibility and foster transparency, and accountability.

Scheduling workdays and find out who is in the office and who is working from home. Finding and booking meeting rooms, handling amenities, ordering external services, and guiding external participants. Managing guests and visitors and handling arrival notifications.

Enabling spontaneous meetings and providing a constant overview of meeting room availability.

Alone or together, for a day or for the entire week, in the office, at home, at a café. It doesn’t matter where you are working from, we have the tools you need to create a space for everyone to be outstanding in what they do.

But let’s be honest.

We only provide the tools. We don’t know where your next success will come from.

We just know it won’t happen without the brilliant minds that power your organization, and we want to help you give these minds more headspace.

We want to help you give them one less thing to worry about. We want to help you give them a better overview, to feel safer, and to work smarter. We want you to help them work, no matter where they work from.

And that is exactly what we do.

Sounds like you need a new workplace management software? Let’s talk

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a way to manage visitor, meeting rooms or your hybrid work policy, whatever your challenge is, we’ll be happy to help.