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Visitor management system

What does it cost?

No two visitors are identical, which is why you need a solid visitor management system, and with Visitor from Sign In Workspace you can customize the visitor journey to each unique visitor type.

  • Complete overview of visitors (past, present and future)
  • Check-in via QR code, name or code
  • SMS and email notifications for host

Are you ready to upgrade your visitor management system?



The leading visitor management system on G2


Visitor Features

Automatically registered

Visitors are registered in advance when they are invited via Outlook or O365

Who's in the building

Get a complete overview of who's coming, who's already here and who left

Customize visitor flows

Build different visitor flows for different visitor types or locations

Customizable design

You can add your own logos, colors, images to every single kiosk.


Looking to find out more about our visitor management system? You might find the answer to your questions in our database, and you should always feel free to contact us with any questions you can't find the answer for.

What options do people have to check in?

Several options; visitors register in by code, by name or even through QR code if you use our Planner software that can send out guest boarding cards

Does the reception have access to real time info regarding guests?

Yes, the visitor management solution includes a reception module, which is updated in real-time and can e.g. show current guests in the building

Is there an easy way to check in larger groups in case of seminars or workshops?

Yes, you can "bulk" import and check in larger groups to avoid people waiting to check themselves in by the check-in stand

Is it possible to integrate with other solutions such as speedgates or parking solutions?

Yes, Sign In Workspace offers a open API, where data from the solution can feed into other solution, to verify the guest has a meeting at the office

Not sure this is the visitor management system for you?

Employees, contractors, consultant and external meeting participants. In this day and age everyone is a visitor, and with our visitor management system you can easily customize sign-in experiences to cater to each unique case.