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Want to collect your meeting room analytics in a simple dashboard?



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Insights Features

Meeting room utilization

Get a central overview of your office space utilization.

Most used meeting rooms

Easily find out which meeting rooms are used most often - and which are used the least.

Peak time at your reception

Find out when your reception is most occupied.

Improve your meeting culture.

Quantify the number of unconfirmed bookings and have a basis for improving the meeting culture.


Looking to find out more about our meeting room analytics dashboard? You might find the answer to your questions here, but you should always feel free to contact us with any questions you can't find the answer for.

What does Insights cost?

Insights is a free application you get when you purchase Planner.

Does Insights integrate with meeting room scheduling and meeting room display screens?

Insights is a natural part of our meeting room booking system, Planner, and when you integrate Planner with Display and meeting room occupancy sensors it uses those systems to enrich the data found in Insights.

How do you use occupancy sensors to improve the utilization data found in Insights?

By integrating your Display solution with occupancy sensors, the data sent from Display to Insights will include any bookings made via the occupancy sensors.

Is it possible to export the data from Insights to analyze it in a different system?

You can export the room booking data (and any other data like catering and resource booking) from Planner by following the steps found in this guide: Planner Data Export This will achieve the same result, however, there is currently no way to export the data directly from Insights.

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