New name. Same people.

October 2022 we became part of Sign in Solutions, an innovative workplace enablement partner that provides workplace management solutions to companies across the globe. And now we’ve changed our name from Pronestor to Sign In Workspace. You can read the full press release here.


But what does that mean?

It means that together with our new sister companies; Sign In App, Sign In Enterprise, Sign In Compliance, Sign In Scheduling, and Sign In Central Record we can provide you with a much greater variety of cool products to help make your workplace work.

And as an added benefit our customer success team is already aligning with teams from our sister companies to make sure that you can get help and answers to your questions even after the Copenhagen offices are closed for the night.


But it’s not everything that’s changing.

We’re still a team of around 40 workplace management software developing, comic book collecting, Netflix-binging, Dolly Parton singing hybrid employees. We just became part of a much larger group of visitor and workplace management fanatics.

That doesn’t mean our mission has changed.

We still want to make your workplace work – every day.


Who is Sign In Solutions?

Sign In Solutions is an innovative workplace enablement partner that goes beyond traditional visitor management, combining the comprehensive software and real-time analytics modern organizations need to mitigate risk, elevate experiences, and empower people.

Launched in 2021 with funding from PSG, Sign In Solutions acquired Sign In App, Sign In Enterprise (formerly Traction Guest), Sign In Compliance (formerly ThreatSwitch), Sign In Central Record (formerly  SCR Tracker), Sign In Scheduling (formerly 10to8) and Sign In Workspace (formerly Pronestor) expanding its reach to more than 60 countries worldwide.


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