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Name your rooms with our Meeting Room Name Generator

Welcome to the Sign In Workspace meeting room name generator. To generate a name for your meeting room simply choose a theme, pick a number between 1 and 20, and watch the magic happen.


Picking the best conference and meeting room names

Naming your conference and meeting rooms isn't always as easy as it sounds. While bigger organizations usually resort to a numbered system, this is rarely the best solution, simply because it's not as easy for your users to remember.

It's often easier to remember names based around a theme, than it is to remember a string of numbers.


Good conference and meeting room names

Good meeting room names often center around a theme that sparks some form of joy for your users.

For instance, if a large part of your staff likes Star Wars, they would probably enjoy taking meetings in Tatooine, Hoth or Coruscant.

Another option is to name your meeting rooms over a theme that represents your brand values.

Themes like feminist activists or famous scientists spring to mind.



Bad conference and meeting room names

Not all theme's are created equal. Some themes may in fact cause more confusion if you decide to name your meeting rooms after them.

For instance, naming your meeting rooms after local cities may lead to misunderstandings when you tell someone that a meeting will take place in "New York" or "London" especially if you work for a global organization.


Using the Sign In Workspace conference and meeting room name generator

Coming up with a good theme for your meeting room names is often the hardest part, and that's why we've created the Sign In Workspace conference and meeting room name generator.

With the generator you can create a list of names for your conference and meeting rooms, within a theme that fits your employees' interests and your brand values.

And if you aren't happy with the suggestions on the list, simply hit "generate names" again to get a new list of names.

Looking to upgrade more than your meeting room names? Let's talk!