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Unused meeting rooms are costing organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in both hours and real estate expenditures each year, but you can alleviate that with the right conference room scheduling display. Conference room scheduling displays will help reduce meeting room no-shows to less than 5%


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Room Booking Panel
  • Confirm room directly on screen
  • Book spontaneous meetings
  • Release unused room for other to use

20 USD

per room / month
Meeting Availability Overview
  • Confirm room directly on screen
  • Book spontaneous meetings
  • Overview of meeting rooms

50 USD

per defined view / month
Room Activity Overview
  • Overview of meeting rooms
  • Way finding for visitors

50 USD

per defined view / month




Everything you can do with our conference and meeting room booking display in under one minute


Installing Display outside your conference rooms lets employees book meetings directly from the conference room booking display, check each conference room’s schedule, and report faults in the conference room with the touch screen.

No more wasting money on unused rooms. Get started now and reduce your meeting room no shows to less than 5%




HESTA employees can get clarity on real-time conference room availability on the displays

This is why 1000s choose Sign In Workspace

You’re only a few clicks away from getting more out of your conference rooms

Every day you wait is a day you’re paying for empty conference rooms.


✓ Integrates with a variety of conference room scheduling display panels

✓ Available as on-premise or cloud solution depending on your needs

✓ Can be installed on any conference room scheduling display panel that can operate a browser


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