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13 office space utilization metrics you need to know

Are you looking to optimize how your office is used? Or maybe you want to reduce your office size after going hybrid? We’ve collected 13 office space utilization metrics that you need to know.

Optimize your workplace

Office space utilization in the hybrid workplace

Is your office being used in the right way or are you burning cash on unused square meters? This is a major consideration for any hybrid workplace, so it’s time we talk about office space utilization analysis.

Optimize your workplace

Conference room touch screens, explosions, and network security

Conference room touch screens, room schedule displays, meeting room screens – no matter what you call them, they are an integral part of the meeting room environment, but do they pose a potential threat to your organization?

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Optimize your workplace

Companies are going back to the office

Do you have a plan for going back to the office? In this article we will give you everything you need to make your return to the office a success.

Optimize your workplace

Three ways facility management can impact the organizational budget in 2023

From electricity to real estate - everything is getting more expensive. But facilities management can have a big hand in reducing what an organization spends.

Optimize your workplace

Why Pronestor is now called Sign In Workspace

Some software companies start in the garage. Mine started in the kitchen in Copenhagen, and this is the story of why I sold it after more than twenty years.

Optimize your workplace

7 ideas for remote team building

How do make your team more cohesive when everyone works in a different zip code? This is your guide to team building that takes remote work into account.

Optimize your workplace

The state of the return to the office

How is the return to the office going? Are companies returning to the office? What do employees think about returning to the office? Let’s take a deep dive into the data surrounding the return to the office.

Optimize your workplace

Solving 5 key challenges of modern workplaces

Hybrid work is here to stay but the question is, how easy will adapting to the future of work be for you? In this article, we’ll go over 5 key challenges for hybrid workplaces and how to overcome them.

Optimize your workplace

Hybrid work levels the playing field when it comes to gender equality in the workplace

Is hybrid work the equalizing factor that’s been missing from workplaces across the globe? And how do you make sure your turn to hybrid promotes equal opportunity in the workplace?

Optimize your workplace

Why aren’t there more women in tech?

Before you ask yourself why there aren’t more women who work in tech, ask yourself if you can name 5 influential women who work in tech? If not, you should probably read this.

Optimize your workplace

A beginner’s guide to meeting room management

Do you need to find out how to add meeting rooms to your Outlook or Exchange? Or do you need a meeting room name generator? Then this is the guide for you!

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Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a way to manage visitor, meeting rooms or your hybrid work policy, whatever your challenge is, we’ll be happy to help.