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Optimize your workplace

13 office space utilization metrics you need to know

Are you looking to optimize how your office is used? Or maybe you want to reduce your office size after going hybrid? We’ve collected 13 office space utilization metrics that you need to know.

Optimize your workplace

Office space utilization in the hybrid workplace

Is your office being used in the right way or are you burning cash on unused square meters? This is a major consideration for any hybrid workplace, so it’s time we talk about office space utilization analysis.

Optimize your workplace

Conference room touch screens, explosions, and network security

Conference room touch screens, room schedule displays, meeting room screens – no matter what you call them, they are an integral part of the meeting room environment, but do they pose a potential threat to your organization?

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Optimize your workplace

Challenges of the hybrid workplace #1: Desk booking

The hybrid workplace gives employees a level of flexibility they’ve become accustomed to and eases the return to the office, but the transition to hybrid still has its challenges.

Optimize your workplace

Being a good colleague should be your #1 KPI Teamwork gets the job done

The only guide you’ll ever need to create a better work environment for yourself and everyone around you.

Optimize your workplace

Solving the challenges of managing a hybrid workforce

As we move towards a new normal, companies face a set of challenges related to the hybridization of the workforce, but how can they be solved?

Optimize your workplace

The #1 reason for enabling collaboration

Your guide on how to achieve success by enabling collaboration in a hybrid workplace

Optimize your workplace

The future is sharing

Coworking spaces, shared offices, flexible workspaces, office hotels. No matter the name, the concept of sharing facilities with other tenants – one-person companies or small, medium-sized or large businesses – is here to stay. In fact, it’s on the rise.

Optimize your workplace

Navigating the new workplace normal post-pandemic

Navigating "the new workplace normal”

Optimize your workplace

Getting back to work - safely

Support corporate guidelines with a desk booking solution

Optimize your workplace

Better no match than mismatch

To raise the odds of lasting mutual benefits, it is our belief that every smooth sales process begins with a definition of expectations. Only this way can we determine and clarify what we and our clients can do for one another – and build a long-lasting relationship based on trust

Optimize your workplace

Adapting to digital

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of our workplaces and it is most certainly also happening in your organization. Here are three areas to consider when steering towards and through the digital transition

Sounds like you need a new workplace management software? Let’s talk

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a way to manage visitor, meeting rooms or your hybrid work policy, whatever your challenge is, we’ll be happy to help.