The smart office: Sådan får I mere ud af kontoret


Running an office has become more expensive, and at the same time the things we require of our offices are becoming more complex. In this webinar Kasper Ullits and Dorthe Deleuran from IoT Fabrikken (The IoT Factory) talks about how to optimize your office through data and sensors. (The webinar is in Danish)





About the webinar


It doesn’t matter if your primary focus is budget cuts or making sure the temperature doesn’t surpass 19 degrees Celsius. The challenges we as facility management face today are surprisingly different from the challenges we faced a year ago.

At the same time, the number of solutions for optimizing your office has also been on the rise in the past year, but what do you actually need? Which problems do you face, and how can smart technology like sensors help improve your office experience?


In this webinar Kasper Ullits invited Dorthe Deleuran from IoT Fabrikken (a Danish provider of occupancy sensors) in the studio to talk about how we can optimize our space utilization and how it will benefit both employees and employers alike.



About IoT Fabrikken


IoT Fabrikken is one of the fastest growing suppliers of sensors for measuring and optimizing space usage and indoor climate. The supply both hardware and software, and are one of the few places where you can purchase complete IoT systems. If you need help handling indoor climate, space management, cleaning or a mix they’ll get you there.