Workspace has landed

Going to the office? Working remote? Taking the day-off?. It’s not about where your office is, it’s about where you work from.



About the webinar

Going to the office? Working remote? Taking the day-off? Being part of a hybrid workplace is about so much more than desk booking and with Workspace you get scheduling, navigation, and the ability to find out where your colleagues are working from built into your desk booking app.

In this webinar Kasper Ullits and Anna Sloth Nicolajsen will give you a full introduction to the new and improved Workspace – so you can make desk booking a breeze for you and your colleagues.


What's in the new Workspace?

  • Quick desk booking
  • Find out who's in the office and when
  • Weekly planning and overview
  • Whereabouts
  • Interactive floor maps


  • Anna Sloth Nicolajsen, Commercial Product Director at Sign In Workspace
  • Kasper Ullits, Founder and CPO at Sign In Workspace


Watch this webinar in Danish