NorSea - Hero billede

NorSea has reduced the time they spent processing meeting expenses by 90%

Case story

Who is NorSea?

Industry: Energy solutions

NorSea supplies companies with a direct connection to the North Sea, Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Employees: 200+

NorSea employs more than 200 people.

Challenge: Shared facilities

NorSea needed to handle booking and maintaining meeting room facilities shared by 23 other companies.

Products: Full Suite

Planner, Display and visitor is saving NorSea 3x the amount they spent on their solution.

The challenge

NorSea Denmark is one of Europe’s leading multi-service suppliers to the offshore industry. And while business is booming, the company is located in House of Offshore Innovation in Esbjerg, which is also home to a co-working space housing a current total of 24 companies.

Several organizations and tenants in one building mean a variety of booking systems for meeting rooms and resources.

As a result, NorSea, along with other tenants, frequently experienced meeting rooms they had booked being used by others, as well as meeting interruptions caused confusion over who had booked what meeting room.

Additionally, procedures related to booking meeting rooms, catering orders, and equipment booking, as well as invoicing afterwards turned into a time-consuming, complicated and manual task.

And lastly, NorSea had no overview of how and when meeting facilities were used. This meant they had no way of knowing the needs and demands of their employees nor the demands of other tenants.

Because of this they had no way to improve the meeting culture in their shared offices.

They needed a better and more unified way to manage their meeting rooms.

The solution

The number one priority for NorSea was to implement a meeting room booking system that could be used by multiple companies sharing office space.

Planner lets all companies and tenants book meetings and resources in one integrated and user-friendly system, which saves considerable time for both meeting organizers, the accounts department, office managers, and the kitchen.

This has resulted in an optimized use of meeting facilities due to a much simpler booking process. Moreover, administrators now have a full overview of which rooms are booked and when. The data provided by Planner and the accompanying data module, Insights, provides them with valuable knowledge about meeting room occupancy, which allows NorSea to continuously evaluate the demands from tenants so they can keep optimizing their meeting facilities.

But, as NorSea told us, the real synergy happened when they integrated Planner with Display and Visitor.

With Display, meeting rooms are automatically released if they a booking is not confirmed at the beginning of the meeting, making them available for others to book right away. Tenants can book spontaneous meetings and avoid interrupting ongoing ones as a meeting room’s availability is visible directly on the screen located outside the room. And meeting room usage, in general, has become more transparent to employees as well as administrators.

At the same time, Visitor has ensured a more professional visitor experience for visitors arriving at NorSea’s location as they are well informed about the building and any meetings they need to attend before their arrival.

Additionally administrators obtain an accurate overview of the number of guests planned to arrive on any gven day.

Do you face the same challenges as NorSea?