Digital transformation and the office of the future


In the 60's the office of the future was envisioned as a chaotic maze of steel, glass, cubicles and meeting rooms. Luckily, the envisioned monstrosity of bureaucracy is far from the offices of today, but the question is as relevant now as ever - what will the office of the future look like?





About the webinar


Between hybrid work, remote work, sensors, and automated building interactions we are a lot closer to a futuristic office than it might feel, but how does that influence the way we need to manage our buildings, our visitors, and our employees?


In our next webinar Kasper Ullits, SVP of Product Management at Sign In Workspace and Justin Craig, VP of Customer Success at Sign In Enterprise, will discuss the digital transformation and the office of the future. What challenges are companies facing as a result of a more digitalized workplace? How can they overcome them? And what does the future of the workplace look like?


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  • How has the office changed over the past years?
  • What does 2023 look like when it comes to the smart office?
  • The office from the employee and the visitor perspective
  • What does the future office look like?




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Sign In Enterprise (formerly Traction Guest) helps organizations with enterprise solutions to ensure the safety and security of employees and visitors. Sign In Enterprise provides a low-code tool to secure, manage and govern an entire cycle of visitor operations with a visitor management system (VMS) that makes welcoming your employees and visitors as seamless as can be. They provide the most advanced health & safety controls, critical outreach and alerting solutions, as well as, analytics and auditing functionality.


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