Sustainable workplaces and why ESG should help drive your facility management decisions

With ESG reporting becoming more and more common in many larger organizations, there’s good reason to start looking at how to make your facilities more sustainable. But how do you make your workplace more sustainable, and how do you even measure sustainability?



When we talk about sustainability the conversation often turns to the environmental implications; how do you reduce the carbon footprint, implement recycling initiatives etc. but when it comes to sustainable workplaces there’s a social aspect of sustainability too.

Social is what “S” in ESG stands for after all.

So, to help all of us get a little better at understanding how to make buildings more sustainable, not only in the environmental but also in the social sense, we’ve invited Desmond Kentrop from Smarter Business Concepts to talk about sustainability in building management, why ESG should help drive your facility decisions and give us all an introduction to the WELL certificate and how it can help improve your workplace.


Webinar agenda

  • An introduction to sustainable workplaces

  • The WELL certificate and how it helps measure the ESG requirements

  • How technology supports sustainability in the workplace

  • The ideal sustainable workplace in 2023


About Smart Business Concepts

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