Efficient meeting scheduling in Outlook

Join Gertrud and Anna in a discussion on how to streamline your processes with efficient meeting scheduling in Outlook.



About the webinar

The average knowledge worker spends 62 hours each month in meetings, and while surveys show that close to a third of those meetings doesn't generate value, that's not the biggest issue most employees have with meetings.

Employees all over the world report that one of the biggest challenges when it comes to meetings is the planning. Locating the proper meeting room and managing the associated tasks such as sending out internal and external invites, notifying concierge services and catering staff, informing your billing center.

And that's not all.

If the meeting location or time is changed or if the meeting is cancelled every single associated task has to be repeated, but there's a way to fix this.

In this webinar we will help you streamline your scheduling process to a point where you won't feel like you're wasting time planning. With the right tools even rescheduling meetings can be simple, and all of it takes place directly in your Outlook application.


  • Who needs a dedicated scheduling tool?
  • How to optimize your booking flow: Manage your meeting rooms and equipment in one, simplified flow directly in your Outlook


  • Anna Sloth Nicolajsen, Commercial Product Director at Sign In Workspace
  • Gertrud J. Birk, International Project Manager at Sign In Workspace