Return to the office

Find out how 3 multinational companies are going back to the office, and how they plan to implement hybrid work.



About the webinar

The pandemic has changed the way we think about work and how we think about the office. But after two years of virtual meetings and telecommuting, we’re seeing companies all over the world reopen their offices.

In the past month both Google, Apple, and Twitter have announced the reopening of their office. All three companies are going hybrid, but in very different ways.

Over the course of the webinar we'll dive into data from companies returning to the office, and we'll go over the three different strategies Google, Apple, and Twitter have employed.


  • Are companies actually going back to the office? A deep dive into data
  • Google, Apple, and Twitter: Three different strategies on returning to the office
  • Q&A


  • Kasper Ullits, CPO & Founder at Sign In Workspace
  • Gertrud Birk, International Project Manager at Sign In Workspace