Transforming to a hybrid work model

Learn more about hybrid work and how to best transform to a hybrid work model through this on-demand webinar with Kasper Ullits and Daniel Haider.


About the webinar

Does your return to the office include showing up to work only to find that every single desk is already taken? Or are you having trouble figuring out when your team is working from the office and when they work from home?

Along with the benefits of transforming to a hybrid work model there's also a number of challenges which needs to be overcome, but with the right strategy and the tools it's a breeze. In this webinar Kasper Ullits and Daniel Haider will discuss how to best transform to a hybrid work model and show you just how easy desk booking can be - with the right tools.


  • Why the hybrid work model is here to stay
  • Learn how to solve the challenges of hybrid work with desk booking


  • Kasper Ullits, CPO & Founder at Sign In Workspace
  • Daniel Haider, CSO at Sign In Workspace

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